denny barratts photos denny barratts photos waterfall taking from bottom of watergate bank 189554199 clock tower ravensworth castle 189554201 norman tower ravensworth castle 189554202 northtower roman toilet seat was used as a window 189554203 2nd norman tower southside 189554204 courtyard in the castle walls 189554205 photo taking from top of tower nov 2011 189554206 tyne bridge at night 189583076 tyne bridge 189583083 millennium bridge 189583285 189583362 newcastle millennium bridge 189583404 189583615 tyne bridge at night 189583619 kular store new extension/ rothbury gds 189584167 watergate park was old slag heaps 189586829 waterfall seen from the bottom of watergate bank 189586964 huwoods been demolished on the team valley 2008 189587758 huwoods on the team valley 2008 189587799 cottages at the bottom of lobley hill, huwoods was facing, the waggon is just up the road on the left hand side 197380736 new rd layout at the bottom of lobley hill, the white building in the back ground is where the old fire station stood at the start of kingsway team valley 197380738 the waggon is just to the right of this photo 197380739 a1 at the bottom of lobley hill work has started to make it three lanes, the bridge is part of the round about at the bottm of lobley hill 197380740 school days lobley hill juniors 1952/53 im first on the right middle row my wife joan is 3rd from the left front row 197422501 in the toon lads from lobley hill R/L pete thomson dave garnett davey barratt 197422502 school days lobley hill 1959 alan fenton alan graham alan thompson bruce grandville mickey wallker brian wilson stan laws dougie donavan michael pearson pete garrnett geordie bradford mr johnson rob elliot norm wade jimmy kane leon walker dave orrick bill spalding sandy millen robert robertson david brewis billy bell michael hullick tommy ross pete evans dave barratt christine atkinson maureen mitchell moira purvis miss fillery pauline ? pamela watson pat tate malcolm ramsay norman anderson billy moffatt 197422503 school days lobley hill seniors 1953 bob hudsons photo 197422504 lobley hill club L/R ? ROBIN WILSON IAN JIGGINS DAVE BARRATT 197422505 peter garnett / dave barratt 197422506 197429589 the waggon 197429616 shops at the top of lobley hill rothbury gds new extension on what was moors store 197429617 bottom of lobley hill huwoods stood directly to the left, this is where the railway lines crossed the road, just about we,re the road gully is, bottom left 197429618